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Tagging Rules

Tagging Rules

The tagging system is pretty simple. You just put in the full name of your character in the entry tag form. But there's a catch! Only the mods can add new tags because we're anal-retentive STFU so you'll just have to add them. If your character is new and you don't have a tag yet, don't worry. We'll get it up by the end of the week.

Though we must ask for your help here. Your mods can't go around exactly, tagging everything that hasn't been tagged yet. So if you see yours already up (which you can check via the tags link), please put the appropriate tags in your entries. That way, we can have a more efficient system.

The same applies for the logs community though we would ask you to please add the *complete tag once you've finished your log.

Thank you for your cooperation and yes, we did need to make a new post for this!
Tags: *basic info, *rules

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