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Located nearer to Alioquin than it is to the other sectors, the Bank is one of the most esteemed buildings in Codice. It is also one of the most frequented. The Bank has a complicated lock system that prevents thieves from entering it and ever breaking out. Throughout its history, there has only ever been one occurrence of burglary but the records of it had been buried in time.

To the far east of the Shopping District is an old bookshop managed by a tiny man wearing horn-rimmed glasses who is wont to move his face close to his customers to look at them closely. On top of his wooden (termite-infested) desk is an ancient cash register that appears to be as old as the man is. Beside is a long rack full of office and school supplies while towards the back of the seemingly small structure is a cluster of ragged books on an equally ratty shelf.

Underground, however, is a large room filled from top to bottom with all the books that have been in production since the start of Codice. There are frames hanging on the walls depicting pictures of the more important people in Codice, gilded with gold along the sides. Covering the floor is a red carpet that spans across the room. Only authorized people, namely the Siyentista, are allowed inside.

Business District
Filled with skyscrapers and throngs of formally-clad people sporting Styrofoam cups of coffee is the Business District, next to Alioquin in sophistication throughout the entirety of Codice. Here, all industrial transactions between Codice and its inhabitants transpire. The tallest and most prominent building, made of glass from top to bottom, is Vetrocentre. It is the main venue of government operations.

On the topmost floor is the office of the Induco, the leader of Codice, who has been faceless throughout the span of time. Nothing is known about those selected as the Induco except they are kept inside the building.

Central Park
Filled with tress and lush grass, the Central Park is the bigger version of the University Courtyard. It has the same stone benches and the fountain by the center but with a different statue this time – that of the first Induco ever to preside over Codice. One side of the park, however, is littered with foil and candy wrappers which the Metro Aides have given up on cleaning.

Church and Cemetery
Ominous as it looms up the distance and located nearer to Etalon than to the other districts, the church does not attract people save for the most religious. It is an ancient structure with tall columns that support the stained glass roof, decorated by images spanning the entire surface painted by a priest in the conception of Codice. It is a work of wonder but the once immaculate perception of the church was tainted when a woman committed suicide in front of the marble altar. To this day, the bloodstains are still present on the floor.

Beside the church is an old cemetery littered with dried leaves and worn headstones. There have been rumors about ghosts haunting the area but it is only speculation whether the ancient caretaker of the church is making these up to scare people away from the ancient structure.

Located near Gravis, HallMart is the place to go for anything, and everything. The shelves are stocked to an impossible height, making it impossible to reach somethings without the help of one of HallMart's multiple employees, and the store is so immense that the store quite literally has roads and side-walks, and the employees are required to utilize roller-skates (or any similar item) to navigate the store.

Due to the size of this Super-Market, the clients are given two options upon entering: shop via the traditional method (a shopping cart and a stroll down the store's side-walks), or rent a shopping car at the low, low price of ʒ5.00 per hour.

Like any other hospital, the one in Codice has white-washed walls and reeks of disinfectant. It is divided into two parts: the general, where those wounded or in need of medical attention are placed, and the mental ward, where those with questionable sanity are located.

Standing proudly near the center of Maior's business district, and towering over various establishments, KaibaCorp is one of the largest gaming industries in Codice. On the outside, the KaibaCorp HQ appears to be made entirely out of mirrors, its strange shape also adding to the feeling of ja ne sais quoi many seem to experience while gazing at this building. Inside, however, KaibaCorp is mostly made up of offices, the higher floors being testing areas for new products, and the top floor being the CEO's office.

Little Mariachi
Located in the Business District, Little Mariachi is a Mexican restaurant that serves meals from breakfast to supper. During the day, this establishment is just like your run of the mill dinner, but once the clock strikes six, Little Mariachi turns in a spectacle. The waiters wear mariachi costumes and sing and play music to the clientèle, usually by orders or request.

Peggy's Dinner
Located conveniently near the University campus, making it popular with the students, Peggy's Dinner is styled after the fifties, complete with tiled floors and chromes, posters of movie stars lining the floor as the jukebox sits in the back of the room, directly in the middle. The counter is lined with bar stools, covered with synthetic leather seats, and several tables with fake leather couches. The employees dress in the style of those in the fifties, going along perfectly with the theme.

Police Station
Clean and crisp with the scent of coffee brewing in the air, the Police Station is generally quiet and inactive due to the low crime rate of Codice. The rhythmic sound of keyboards clacking, phones ringing and hushed voices fill the air in a normal day. Papers are rarely found littering the compound though there are documents known to have been thrown out from time to time by the irritable Chief Inspector.

Shopping District
Enshrouded with lights during the night and littered with people throughout the day, the Shopping District has always been one of the most frequented spots for young and old alike. Brightly colored tarpaulins house quaint shops selling all types of materials while its vendors are frequently seen haggling about prices with their customers.

Super-Sing Karaoke
A karaoke box with a bar (juice for underage, alcohol for adults, of course) in front for more adventurous folks who want to ham it up in public, and rooms of varying size in the back for groups and parties. The decor is sleek, the song selection extensive, and the price moderate. They also have Happy Hour on drinks and songs from 4-7 pm, Monday-Friday.

Ta Dojo
Located in one of the less urbanized areas of Maior, Ta Dojo is the perfect place for those interested in oriental defense arts to come train in. In here, there is an emphasize on sword techniques.

Tekel Inc.
Standing proudly near the Vetrocentre, Tekel Inc. is the leading company in technological products. Coincidently, this company produces the QUANTUViS, however, all information about future updates and products concerning the QUATUViS are kept on a need-to-know basis between the higher ups, and any normal citizen of Codice wouldn't even be aware of the fact that they produce the QUANTUViS unless they ask, or look underneath their QUANTUViS.

Standing in one of the shadiest corners of Maior is The UNF, a Motel. Here the citizens of Codice can stay, rest a while, and enjoy themselves.

Spanning the three sectors is the University belt comprised of different buildings for each course. The most prominent feature of it is the courtyard with the famed fish pond which contains five hundred different marine species and the quaint stone benches that are arranged in a circle around a large fountain with the statue of a man with outstretched arms poised at the center. Students who are unable to pay for the college fees are required to perform hours upon hours of community service to make up for their monetary deficiencies while the most talented are given the highly sought-after scholarships.

The application process of the university is extremely selective and less than half the amount of people who take the entrance examinations pass.

Think GlaxoSmithKline: a large, shiny biotechnology company specializing in anything from GM crops to medicines to toothpaste, with a rapid new output, aggressive patenting and just a bit too much influence over medical decisions by health institutions for people who know enough about it's running to be comfortable with. Offers sponsorship to prospective medics/ chemists and the like through university in return for their soul commitment to work for the company for a few years after graduation.

Subsidiary companies include: ZaiPharm, ZaiCrops, and ZaiMed.

Zodiac 13
Located inside the Business District, Zodiac 13 is famous for its unique style, offering brand and clothing not seen in any other store in all of Codice. Zodiac 13 offers a wide variety of items, from hoodies and caps, to pins and necklaces.

This store is wildly popular for its pins, actually, offering over a grand total of 304 pins from 14 different, highly fashionable brands.


Abandoned Factory
Nobody knows why this factory exists, or even why it closed, all that is know is that it's inhabitant range from vicious, furry white vermin to those unfortunate enough to lurk the streets of Etalon. While not suggested, if you ever get the itch to come by this place, do mind your head. We wouldn't want you getting decapitated, after all.

Apartment Complex
Pieces of paper and remnants of cigarettes litter the walkway to the entrance of the Etalon Apartment Complex, lined by the withered remains of what once were rose bushes. Three scratch marks run diagonally from the top right corner of the door to the knob although the thin landlady (who has been established to live behind her desk and eat the documents by the tenants) refuses to say anything.

The walls are decorated with cracks that crawl from the floor to the ceiling, bypassing the broken windows and splintered doors. The Etalon Apartment Complex is generally designed for students though the less fortunate citizens of Etalon can also be housed here.

Burger Gut
Greasy and dirty, those are the two words needed to describe this 'fine' establishment. Burger Gut is famous for its artery blocking, mind blowing super-sized meals, being able to fill a whole family for the mere price of ʒ7.00, drinks not included~.

Etalon High
Being the only school offering grades nine and up, Etalon High is fairly crowded by teenagers from both Etalon and Gravis. The quality of education offered here is fairly decent, living up to its expectations as the only High School in Codice. However, this also means that the teachers, along with the headmaster, are stricter and far more unforgiving than the ones at any other school.

Magdalene's Elementary School
Situated near the center of Etalon, Magdalene's Elementary School offers starter education for the children of Codice. Its headmistress (a tall woman in what appears to be her late thirties) sits behind her desk, offering help and information to all those who need it.

However, not all is as it seems, and upon further inspection, one may notice the poor education and morale offered at this school. Most of the walls having been vandalized (some saying negative messages such as 'Burn the school down!', others insulting authority figures, such as the Induco) and one looks closely, you may even realize that the entirety of the school faculty is composed of unexperienced temps.

Red Foxy's Club
Located in the deepest, darkest corner of Etalon, Red Foxy's Club is what one would call a questionable men's club, or, in terms that those familiar with the 'activities' that go down here will understand, a go-go bar.

Surprisingly enough, the 'employees' here are very well paid, enough to actually apply for relocation in Alioquin. However, due to the fact that clubs of this nature are prohibited by law in Codice, Red Foxy's is considered an illegal establishment and all those caught performing or enjoying the 'shows' in here run the risk of being arrested by the authorities.

Skateboard Park
Located near Etalon High, the skateboard park is a favorite for skaters from all over Codice. Here, the citizens of Codice can come (be it on a skateboard, roller-skaters, or etc.) to test their skill in all the different ramps. Definitely a good place to get a concussion.

St. Dipratino's Orphanage
Located in one of the most deserted corners of Etalon, St. Dipratino Orphanage looms over the distance ominously, its rundown appearance being more than enough to inform outsiders of the rather abandoned state of the orphanage. Currently housing more than half of Codice's orphans, St. Dipratino's is, surprisingly enough, the strictest orphanage in Codice, its being more often than not, cruel, harsh, and unforgiving.

(An extended version can be found here.)

Bionic, brain controlled limbs, artificial spines for the paralyzed, incubators for seriously ill babies, you name it, ZaiMed are probably trying to produce it.

The pharmaceutical wing of ZaiCorps, making new and better medicines for all. For some reason, located conveniently close to the orphanage...


Apartment Complex
Pristine, with its white-washed walls and immaculately-kept yard. The landlady is a plump, smiling woman who is always willing to help. Situated near the University in the region of Gravis, the Gravis Apartment Complex is a popular housing for students and residents of the region. However, the rent is higher than normal and those who are unable to pay have no choice but to move out and live someplace else or apply for relocation in Etalon.

Cine Vista
Having been built after the destruction of the old movie theater, Cine Vista is one of the most recently built buildings in all of Codice. Here, citizens of all ages can come to enjoy newly featured films in High Definition, the latest technology from the 22nd century readily available to make this the most fantastic viewing experience any Codicite will ever experience. Currently, the price for an adult ticket is ʒ5.57, while a child's ticket is ʒ1.50.

Concert Stage
Situated near the center of Gravis, the concert stage has hosted various events that have gone down in Codice history. Being able to fit up to a thousand Codiceans confortably, here is where various musicians gather to play music for the people, causing this stage to be right up there with Poète's in Alioquin.

Letter Green
Located near the Apartment Complexes, the Letter green is a highly popular hang-out for young adults from Gravis and Etalon alike. This cafe is rarely, if ever, empty, people from the different sectors occupying the establishment until the fine hours of the morning. Oddly enough, there always seems to be a 'Help Wanted' sign on display outside the cafe; whether this is a mistake or not is unclear, however, the manager (a plump man in his late thirties) seems to be more than glad to gather new employees.

Located near the passage to Maior, McBilly's is one of the oldest fast-food restaurants in Codice, having served pizza to many for almost a century. It is a popular stop for people of all ages, it's mascot, 'Captain Billy', being the main attraction for children, while the older public comes for the quality pizza that you just can't beat.

Though the pay isn't all that great, McBilly's is also a popular place for the young adults of Codice to look for employment.

St. Bartimaeus Middle School
Looming over the distance in what seems to be a decidedly ominous manner, St. Bartimaeus' is the strictest public school in all of Codice. Assigments are given by the dozen and the amount of tests is multiplied. The headmaster (a mature adult who is ninety-nine percent of the time signing paper after paper) is rarely seen outside of his office, his assistant being the one in charge of taking care of problems outside of his office.

St. Joachim's Elementary School
Standing proudly near the center of Gravis, St. Joachim's the perfect place for the children of Codice to start their elementary education. The headmaster and school faculty are more than willing to help, and the education offered is of extremely high quality.

The Book Man
A small, dingy bookstore that caters to a more specialized clientèle than the larger bookshop in Maior. For some reason (the owner's grandson and future owner, however, suspects terrible business sense), The Book Man specializes in hard-to-find texts, old first-editions in terrible condition, and fantastical histories written in obscure, occasionally dead languages about countries that may or may not have ever really existed, and many more.

All of this instead of popular romance novels, or the newest best-sellers.

Still, despite all of this, The Book Man has manged to stay in business for various generations.

Part of ZaiCorps. Formally Oats of Fanelia, though instead of going organic they're trying to grow specialised GM crops to provide plentiful, nutritious food for all of Codice. Located in the far flung distance near some fields.


Blue Lock
The finest restaurant in Codice, Blue Lock is famous for its fine cuisine and excellent service. All its waiters being experienced in their work, as well as being trained acrobats, every meal at this restaurant is an adventure. The wall separating the kitchen and main dining room in made out of clear, shatter proof glass, allowing the guests to entertain themselves by watching the chefs cook in their own special way, that being, by dance.

Those searching for employment in the Blue Lock are in for one big wake-up call, seeing as how its 'interview' is more of a test than anything, and even those who pass the initial test, might not even last the week at this fine establishment.

Tall, majestic and the epitome of wealth, the building housing the condominiums of Alioquin is one of the sights to see in Codice. Valets line the entrance (though they do ask for hefty sums of cash), just in front of the enormous sliding doors which lead to a grand lobby with a fountain in the center studded with flowers whose floral scents permeate the air. Nearby are two sets of elevators which lead to well-furnished rooms, sound-proofed for maximum privacy. One floor is dedicated to the recreational activities of its residents.

Dr. Rainbow's Institute of Psychiatry
Ever felt depressed? Suicidal urges taking over? Feel the need to waste more than 10k worth of bariters on an appointment that may, or may not be of any benefit to you?

The by all means, call to Dr. Rainbow's Institute of Psychiatry! Here, all the psychiatrist are top notch, having helped thousands of patients, be it from Alioquin or any other place in Codice. So, by all means, if you are showing any signs of a mental illness, stop by Dr. Rainbow's Ins--

Yeah. Just call.

Poète's Theater
Tall and majestic, Poete's Theater has been standing proudly at the center of Alioquin for centuries, offering culture and true art to its guests. Many historical plays have been presented at Poete's; drama, tragedy, musicals, action... You name it, this theater has shown it and made it a magnificent work of art.

St. Jerome's Boarding School
Tall, majestic, and pristine, St. Jerome's Boarding School is divided it three sections; two for the gender divided dormitories, and one for the main educational facilities. St. Jerome's offers education from Kindergarten level to Senior year for both boy and girl, for a hefty price, of course.

The Clube Campo
Clube Campo is an exclusive Country Club, where its members are granted exclusive access to Clube Campo's own private Golf Course and Tennis Court. Currently, the membership fee is as high a ʒ500,000,000, however, some have been suspected to enter the club without paying anything. Namely, those of pure Alioquian descent or of high political stature.

Kiryuu's Coffee and Herbal Tea
For those who do not mind spending ʒ20.00 on a single cup of coffee (sugar and milk not included), Kiryuu's Coffee and Herbal Tea is the place for you! Currently competing against Letter Green for the best cup of coffee in Codice, Kiryuu's Coffee and Herbal Tea's specialties include their Water Express (packed with so much caffeine and taste, it is guaranteed to wake even the grouchiest business man up), it is almost guaranteed that every and all employees in Kiryuu's Coffee and Herbal Tea will provide remarkable service for their costumers.

All for a hefty tip, of course.

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