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K E E P . I N . M I N D ! !

►You should read this before applying for a character.
►Any questions should be asked in the [FAQ].

.001 ► This is a Pan-Fandom RP and should be treated as so. Characters from Movies, Video Games, Cartoons, Animes, Mangas, and ETC. are fine, Real Life celebrities are not.

.002 ► OOC =/= IC. Even if you find yourself in an awkward situation in which you are not certain how your character would react, try to keep it as close to their original personality. In other words, if your character is an innocent, happy go-lucky teen, then they certainly won't try to seduce X-Character into submission. Chances are that they'd rather ask nicely, eh?

.003 ► Stay active. At the end of every two months we will have an activity check. These will last two (2) weeks, and if your character fails to participate in it, they will be removed from the RP. To pass in the activity check, we require you to at least post one entry in the main community OR one log in the logs community.

.004 ► No OOC drama. If you have a grudge with one of the players, make sure that grudge stays out of the game. Just suck it up and make it work. You're not going to have both your characters start a war with each other just because you and that player do not get along well. Just don't interact with them if you can't handle your problems maturely. If the moderators think you and another player are having OOC drama and taking it into the RP, we will contact you and take proper action.

.005 ► No breaking the fourth wall. No, just no. We get it, it can be hilarious sometimes, but go somewhere else to do that.

.006 ► Take into account your own free time. Once again, stay active. Real life can get hectic sometimes and if you can barely keep up with one character, what makes you think that you can keep up with three? It is for this reason that moderators can deny you a second and third character based on your activity.

.007 ► God-Moding = NO. Each time someone God-Modes Hidan sacrifices a puppy, so for the sake of the puppies, do not God-Mode. Any player caught God-Moding will be contacted by a moderator and proper action will be taken.

.008 ► The current character limit is five. Currently, you may reserve and claim up to five (5) characters. After you claim your fifth you will not be able to claim a sixth. This may change later on.

.009 ► NC-17 logs must be Friend-Locked. As we wish to respect LJ's rules we ask of our members to please make all their NC-17 logs Friend-Locked. This includes logs with excessive gore and other disturbing scenes (yes, we do mean it).

.010 ► No discrimination, please and thank you. We allow het, yaoi, and yuri here. Unless it's canon for your character, anyone found making discriminating comments will be contacted by a moderator.

.011 ► No OCs. This is a Pan-Fandom RP, we do not need nor want any original characters here.

.012 ► Respect your mods and fellow roleplayers. We do not expect you to get along with everyone here, nor to follow everything we say like mindless zombies; but, please, stay calm and collected. This is an RP, we are here to have fun, not start a huge flame war.

.013 ► Remember to tag your entries! Self explanatory, yeah.

• Most of these rules, as you can see, are the pretty much the same you see in any other RP. Still, we're glad you took the time to read them. To let us know that you have read these rules and agree to follow all of them, please include shanghai rolls in your subject line when applying.
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